Railings and fences from wrought steel

Railings and fences from wrought steel

Terzov Metal manufactures not only pasteurizers but also railings and fences from wrought steel.


wrought-iron-fence-300x107Because of our long term experience in the welding of products made from wrought steel and more specifically railings and fences, they are made with great quality. We use high quality materials for the manufacturing, because we want to offer the best to our clients and we care about the quality of the final product.

You can see a sample of our projects for fences and railings here.

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Our experience in the field allows us to cater to every wish of our clients. This makes us specialists in the production of materials from wrought steel with given parameters from the client.

If you need quality made, low price wrought steel fences, grills, doors, or whatever your imagination whips up you can contact us.

For more information regarding the manufacturing of products from wrought steel you can contact us using the following information:

Phone: (+359)898 33 51 06

Phone: (+359)3563 90 53

Mobile: (+359)885 91 34 58

E-mail: mitkovt24@abv.bg

Adress: Pazardzik, Varvara, 4492

Person to contact: Dimitar Terzov

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